Bailey III
Welcome Bailey III to A Better English Setter Rescue!
A 1-year old gal, she's said to be a cuddler!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Bailey III at in-take.
Bailey III transports to her foster home!
A curious Bailey III greets some of the critters
at her new foster home!
Bailey III waits for treats and plays and plays!
Bailey is a 20-month old English Setter that came very close to
staying here with us permanently. We swore when we offered to
foster that we would not keep any dog but help them on their
way. Bailey nearly made us break that rule as she is that special.  
Baily is in great health, house-trained, crate-trained (although
she would prefer to be with you and she will let you know it),
microchipped, and has had all of her shots.

She is a total sweetheart, very loving and playful and has shown
no signs of aggression at any point with dog or human. Being a
setter, she does have some prey drive and is very focused on our
chickens and goats, running along the fence line. So, I would not
recommend a home where small critters already live (chickens,
rabbits etc) although we were told by the prior owner that she is
good with cats.
She loves to play with our other dogs to the point that we strongly
feel she should be in a household with at least one other young’ish
dog that is similarly playful. It would be a total shame for her to be
alone dog in the house.

She is a long-legged dog and uses them, a lot. She needs space.
We are lucky to be on a fully fence 2 acres and even then, she can
cover the distance from the house to the rear of the property in a
few seconds. She often runs in circles chasing wasps and
butterflies (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) and will then
spend the next 10 minutes panting uncontrollably.

I spent some time trying to think of her downsides and there are
almost none. She is a messy drinker, scoops water out of the bowl
so the bowl needs to be on a rubber mat.
Baily does appear to have some basic obedience training.  She is
very food motivated and will likely train well.  She knows the
command “sit” and will sit in an instant.  The other basic
commands – not so much.  Her recall isn’t the best and she takes
a few minutes to decide if she wants to come back in after
running around but I am sure some basic training would solve

She managed to grab a pizza when I wasn’t looking so even
though it was a single instance, counter surfing (at least with
Pizzas!) might be something to work on also. With that said, she
does respect our boundaries when we sit down to eat and has not
taken any food off of our plates.

Her positives FAR outweigh those minor issues though.
After only 3 nights in our house we felt comfortable letting her
sleep loose on a dog bed and have never had any issues in doing
so. She sleeps through the night and doesn’t bother the other

If you are looking for an awesome dog that is full of energy,
playful, loves to cuddle and will  bring you a toy to greet you at
the door, then Baily is your girl!   Don’t forget, a perfect home for
Baily will be one with a playmate and a large fenced yard to run
and play!