This very gentle, friendly, and loving 2 year old boy is Basil!
Welcome Basil to Better Setter!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Basil at in-take.
Basil is a 2 year old boy and the smartest dog I've met. He
figured out in less than a day that the crate was HIS safe
space, that when the other dogs run to the back porch he
should go too, in order to potty. He knows his name and when
you tell him to go do "poopies" he knows that he needs to go
out and poop. All of his medical issues have been addressed
and resolved. But there are parts of him that are still a
mystery to me.

***Update on Basil*** January 2018

Basil is very shy but with time, patience, and coaxing he will
seek out people he trusts for physical contact. He has been
very fearful of men but recently at the vet's office he
approached a strange man and licked the fingers of the man's
outstretched hand. A home with the right type of man who is
kind and patient will help him get past his fear of men.
Basil plays really well with my other dogs (a young male
Labradoodle mix) and a senior female English Setter. Watching
him and my other dog race around the backyard in a game of
catch me if you can, makes me laugh and shows me the dog
Basil wants to be. He has had exactly one "accident" in my
house in over a month. He will hold it all night long and all day if
need be.

He is great with my cats (a 21 year old, a 3 year old  and a
kitten who is about 5 mos). When Basil sees them out in the
backyard he will sometimes chase the 3 year old, but never the
senior whom he gently sniffs; he is also gentle with the kitten
because she is still on the smaller size.
Now for the not so good news: Basil does not walk as well on the
leash as he should. He will not pee or do his business while on the
leash and I've not been able to get that part under control. But let
him out in the backyard and he will immediately squat. He is also
VERY skittish: he will take treats from your hand most of the time
but he always acts as if he is going to be hit or corrected when he
does. It's sad to see him cower and sometimes I look at him and
ask him "what did they do to you to make you so afraid of the
hand of a person?" So far he has not shared with me that part of
his story. But he comes out of his shell with the other dogs. He
rides OK in the car but he seems to be afraid of where he might
be going.
That being said, I think he needs to have a fenced backyard and
at least one other well-adjusted dog in the household. He does
not seem to have any issues with other male dogs and no issues
with dog-savvy cats. I have a neighbor child coming after school
to let everyone out in the yard and play with them for a bit. Basil
is very good with her so I think he would be fine with any child
over the age of 5-6 when they are old enough to understand he
is shy and to be kind to him. Basil is incredibly sensitive and gets
his feelings easily hurt if you raise your voice to him or scold him
- he does much better with positive reinforcement. If someone
had the time and training to work with him on an agility course I
suspect he would be great at that in time.
Basil is also going to need time to relax. He loves his crate and
will stay in there even if the door is open. Basil is such a joyful
soul when he is relaxed and playing in the yard or playing in the
house with my other dog. I know he craves affection because he
responds positively if you "love on" another dog - he will come
over to get some loving, too. The "jealousy" works best in
getting him to let you touch him. And he took one of my old ratty
tee shirts into his crate as a sort of security blanket so I know he
wants that human contact.

He has great potential as a family pet. There seems to be a little
Border Collie in him so he is fast as lightning when he is
running/playing and he is super smart but that tail flies at full
mast like a setter. My vet thinks he is about 2 years old based on
his gorgeous teeth. They love him there even though he is so shy
because he is very compliant with what they need to do. Except
when playing tug-of-war with my male dog, I've never heard
him growl and even then it was a play growl.
Basil transports to his FURever home. Yipee!
Basil LOVES his furever home!