Bayou aka Buddy
6-8 year old sweet Bayou was found as a stray at a gas station.  
He had quite a lump on his face which turns out to be terminal melanoma.  
He is incredibly sweet and mellow.
Thanks to a caring Shelter who reached out to Better Setter.
Bayou will reside in a loving hospice home for the rest of his days. Please
consider donating toward Bayou's care. Thank you.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Bayou in his temporary foster home.
Here is the latest update on our sweetheart, Bayou:
"He is doing WONDERFUL!!!! He has fit in easily with the
family and other pets. Even with his hunting drive, he
learned quickly (from cats with claws) to leave the cats
alone and they actually try to rub up on him now (to his
confusion!). He and our Gordon [Setter], Finn, are hunting
partners outside. Wherever one goes the other follows
and they love chasing the chipmunks especially! LOL! He’s
super sweet -- wags anytime one of us walk by him. He
will be missed, that’s for sure. Everyone here is in love.

The tumor is growing and is very large right now. His eye
is almost closed about 80-90% and I put lubricating drops
in every morning for him. I have pain meds if he needs
them, but he’s only had a few moments of discomfort, so
far, mostly when he yawns. When his mouth is open, you
can see the tumor pushing in his palette and outer gums.
Looking at his original photo vs now, it’s large. He has
coughing and/or the reverse sneezing a few times/day,
so I think it might be traveling to his throat, but he still
seems comfortable, so we’re watching."
Today we said goodbye to our hospice foster, Buddy.
In 2 short months, he stole our hearts & became Finn's right paw.
So glad we could love him- run free, Buddy!  ❤
The amazing family who has taken care of Bayou for the
last two months said good bye to him today. We are so
thankful for them and for the love and understanding
they offered Bayou (Buddy) at the end of his life. We
don't know his history but we know the end of his life was
filled with love, hugs and kisses. There will be many
waiting for you at the bridge handsome boy! Run free!

A Better English Setter Rescue