Bia in Turkey.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Bia is an English Setter/Brittany mix, she is approximately 2 1/2 years old and weighs 47 lbs.

Boris and Bia boarded a flight to the USA on December 19th, they had a great home to stay in for Christmas to
begin their new lives. They have both moved to their permanent homes now and are unpacking and settling in.

Bia is a sweet girl that likes to lay around and so far she seem like a low energy baby girl.

She is learning about her new environment, inside and outside and testing the waters with her new fur-mates.  
Her foster home reports that she is unsure of the feeling of grass under her feet.
Bia on transport to her Foster home.
Bia and Boris at the airport in Turkey.
Arriving in the USA.
Bia at her holiday B & B soaking up the love.