Hi Everyone!

Blake here!  Foster mom wants me to tell you all about

I have a lot of friends.  I am friends with every cat and
dog I have ever met.  I like kids (little ones scare me)
but I LOVE kids.  

I am a very good boy and NEVER make a mess in the

I am a GREAT helper in the kitchen.

I am an EXCELLENT blanket when my humans lie on the

I am about 6 years old.

Sometimes my knee bothers me, so then my foster mom
gives me a pill.  She calls it an anti-inflammatory and all
is good.  She said to tell you I have a floating kneecap.

Because my knee bothered me for so long I am learning
stairs now.  You see I would not do them before.  But
when my foster mom puts on my leash and says "time to
go up" I follow her.  I am not confident enough to do
those scary stairs on my own yet.

I love the sofa.  It is the bestest place in the world to lie
down and nap.  I would sleep there ALL THE TIME but
foster mom says I have to sleep in my crate at night.  

I like a little canned pumpkin in my food and I eat it all
up all the time.  It's really good for you!

I do have seasonal allergies.  Foster mom puts one
benadryl in peanut butter for me and I eat it all up.

I don't bark much.  My foster brother and sister do
enough of that for me.

OK time to go out and go potty.  See you soon!!!!

Love you!

A Better English Setter Rescue