Bob now Jager
A Better English Setter Rescue
Bob Tricolor Male below at 8-9 weeks old.
He is an adventurous baby and full of life!!
Always busy! Always ready to play, chasing someone or something!
Bob is an adorable rascal. He has two speeds - sleep and ON!!!
He is curious and very smart.

Both Bob and Otto are very social and people-oriented.
I find them to be a little less "intense" than purebred Setters at
this age.  They are good around adult dogs, not too annoying.
They love to play outside and are pretty good indoors
as long as you keep them entertained.
Both are working on their housetraining.

I have been letting them play with my setter pup who is about 2
months older (but not much bigger) than them, even though
they are mudbloods. LOL
No your not seeing double.
Jager learning the ropes from his older brother Zeke.