Welcome 2-3 year old Bobby to Better Setter!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Bobby at the shelter in KY.
Bobby's Freedom Ride!!!
Bobbie is an awesome little 2-3 year old boy. He loves his
people and all he meets, including other dogs and cats.
Bobby is a very sweet sweet boy. We are working on building
his confidence and he is gaining that daily. He is potty trained
and currently not being crated as he is not fond of his crate.
He does like to climb, but is learning what is acceptable and
what is not. He knows when he does something wrong and if
he feels you are angry with him all he wants to do is snuggle
up with you and give you kisses - apologizing profusely.
Bobby loves his toys but prefers them without squeakers. He
carries them to wherever he wants to play and puts them in a
nice neat pile. I think that Bobby was never given treats or
gently handled with love and affection , as he acts as if he’s in
trouble and goes the other way when I extend my hand to
him, so I just put it on the ground for him and then he will take
it and enjoy.
I have heard him bark once, so he doesn't seem to be  a
barker. Bobby loves his walks, more so away from traffic, but
getting used to that. He either has his nose to the ground or
head up looking and watching all. He is always looking for
approval and gets many "Good Boys."    Bobby is nothing but a
total love bug with a beautiful soul. This is one very special