A Better English Setter Rescue
I know you are shocked that a fellow as wonderful and handsome as I have ended up in Rescue.
Well, this is how it happened:
My family bought me, and I heard they paid a lot of money for me.
I lived in their house and I loved having a family. But I got bigger
and finally, they put me out in the yard on a guy wire tied to a tree,
all the time. I was sad as I watched them come and go every day,
and they no longer stopped to play with me. Sometimes they forgot
to feed me, and I didn't always have clean water, but they were
my family and so I loved them and tried not to be a bother.

One day, they came with a large truck and I saw them putting their
things in the truck. It was dark when they drove away, and I knew
something was wrong, so I tried to follow. My leg got caught under
the wire and it cut me under my armpit, but I wanted to make sure
they did not forget me because, you see, it was dark, and my fur is
almost solid black, and I thought they could not see me. I raised a
fuss.....But they never came back for me.
I stayed tied to that tree for several days with no food and water and
then the landlord came to get the rent. I don't know what rent is but
apparently, when people don't have it they sometimes move out during
the night like my family did. The landlord was a very nice man. He does
not really like animals, but he was sad that my family left me behind and
did not tell anyone. He fed me for a few days and made sure I had clean
water but after a few days when my family did not come for me, he
called the police to make a report so that he could take me away from
there. And he did. He took me to his house, but I had to live in the
garage. He did not tie me up, and fed me regularly, and made sure I had
clean water. In exchange, I barked to let him know if someone came
down the driveway, and I tried not to be in the way. I'm embarrassed to
admit that I followed him like a devoted dog will do, but I had to stay
home when he went to work.
He didn't know that I needed to be de-wormed, have flea and tick
medication and vaccinations. After two weeks he brought me to my
foster mom and begged her to take me and find me a good home as
she had done for other foster dogs. She promised him that I would get
THE BEST HOME and she asked the Rescue to take me.  
They said yes!
While I miss the nice man, my foster home has a dog about my
size who loves to wrestle, and there are cats, and I get plenty
to eat. I have had all those pesky bugs removed, been
vaccinated for everything, and I have been neutered. I don't
know what that means but my skin itches where they shaved
me. Foster mom and the vet's office tell everyone that I have
the most amazing fur coat and the sweetest disposition. I love
everyone, and why not? Everyone has been very good to me
and I don't even harbor ill will towards my original family who
left me behind.
Foster mom tells me that an amazing home is waiting to find ME!
She wouldn't lie to me, so I know we just have to be patient
until the perfect forever family finds me. I want a family that is
super active - foster mom loves me but she is just not into that
running/jogging/hiking stuff and she tells me that she can see
that I need that. I have a LOT of "puppy enthusiasm" even
though I am probably a year old so I'm hardly a puppy any
longer. She thinks I might be a swimmer too!
I am housebroken, super smart and learn new commands quickly; I like
cats but if they run I think I'm supposed to chase them. My foster mom
says I am a bed hog, but I have learned that I'm not supposed to get on
the bed at night when foster mom is sleeping unless she invites me. My
superpower is that if I'm off leash, I don't go anywhere far and when you
call my name (which I learned in 5 minutes) I come back to you. I like
people of all ages.  I don't mind the vet (because they recognize what a
fine specimen I am and they all love me). I walk OK on the leash and have
a healthy appetite.  I do counter surf….so those silly cats have learned not
to linger over breakfast. You know - snooze, you lose.

Foster mom says I'm the total package! If you might be my forever family,
please get in touch with the Rescue and my foster mom. I'm ready to have
a family of my own again.
Brody's transport home.