Welcome Brooklyn, a 1 year old Setter-mix.
We are happy to have her with Better Setter!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Brooklyn at in-take.
Brooklyn transports to her
foster home!
Brooklyn aka 'Lacie' is an approx 1 year old, Tri color
(brown/black/white) English Setter/Mix. It is possible
that Lacie may have some border collie, sheltie or herding
dog in her. She is a petite girl standing 18”-20” at the
shoulder and weighing in at only 31.5 pounds. Lacie is up
to date on all vaccines and she takes Tri-Heart Plus and
NexGard monthly.

Lacie is a very sweet girl who steals the hearts of
everyone that comes in contact with her. She will come
and sit next to you for some snuggles, loving and belly
rubs!! She is a GREAT kisser and she is more than happy to
share some of those kisses with you.
Her foster home has a 3' 4" high chain linked fence around
their yard (one portion is 6'). As Lacie has a high prey
drive and she will chase squirrels and birds, some type of
fencing is suggested. She is a high energy little girl and
will require a good amount of exercise. Lacie is a very fast
runner and her foster parents are currently working on
fetch/ return and 'drop'. She willingly drops the toy or
whatever, she may have found that she should not have in
her mouth. Lacie will also engage in toy play with her
humans, but she can also occupy herself by chasing and
playing with her own tail.
Lacie does well with the resident 9 yr old English Springer Spaniel,
as well as, the 8 yr old ESS which her foster parent dog sits on
occasion. Lacie likes to engage these two in play, however they let
her know when her over exuberance is no longer welcome. She has
had a play date with a Saint Bernard/mix and a tiny dog; loved
every minute of it. Although she is small in frame Lacie can keep up
with all sized dogs. She shows no aggression towards the dog next
door when they meet up at the fence. Lacie also resides with two
cats and although she shows interest, she is not obsessive with
giving chase. The two resident cats have helped in teaching her
they will only stand for so much and Lacie is willing keep her

Lacie has come in contact with the neighbors 6 year old great
grandson and has played with him in the fosters' yard. Both young
child and Lacie got along well and had a great time.
Lacie does enjoy playing with her vast assortment of toys,
however, her Himalayan dog chews are a favorite.