A Better English Setter Rescue
Hi there! I would like tell you a little bit about Casper.
He came to us from a kennel in Iowa - his previous owner said
that Casper didn’t want to hunt so they surrendered Casper.
Even though he isn’t big on hunting he sure is big on cuddling!

Casper was very scared when he first arrived at our home; he
had his tail tucked and he thought that every noise was
terrifying, especially the clicking of a gas stove top starting
up. Casper is a gentle and trusting boy so when he gets
scared, some soft petting and words of encouragement really
give him the confidence to check out whatever that scary
thing is.
Casper currently lives with 4 other dogs ranging in age
from 2-11 years old, male and female.  He loves them all!
He also lives with a rabbit. He finds the bunny interesting
but would much rather cuddle with his people or play with
his foster siblings instead of watch that fuzzy thing.  
Casper has also been around babies and kids of all ages and
does great with everyone!
Casper enjoys running in the back yard with his foster siblings.
Casper is trained to an invisible fence and doesn’t test the
boundaries. He is VERY smart and learned the yard boundaries
in about 2 days. When he came to us he didn’t know any basic
commands. He is quickly learning come, sit, leave it, and wait.
Casper is also house trained and has never had an accident.
Casper is learning that baby toys are not dog toys, even though
they both make fun noises! When we aren’t home Casper gets
to go in an outdoor dog run with his foster siblings and when
we are home and at night he is allowed to roam the house.
He doesn’t get into mischief except for the occasional toy mix
up; even then he is very gentle with all his toys and doesn’t
destroy any of them. Casper is not very food motivated and
could take or leave treats. He thrives on positive feedback
though; saying good boy and petting him are far more
rewarding for him than any treat although he does enjoy
chewing on a deer antler now and then.
Casper is a very gentle boy. He has the typical setter on
outside/off inside personality. He is very respectful of people
and has never jumped on anyone. Casper will often come up
to people and rest his head in their lap looking for some love.
If invited he will even snuggle on your lap! Casper would do
best in an active or semi active home! He would especially love
it if he had another dog or two to play with, or at least doggy
play dates, as he does thoroughly enjoy playing a good long
game of chase.
Casper on the road home.
Casper now Sammy at home
with his furever family.