Cody IV
A Better English Setter Rescue
Cody is an 11 year old male, he was turned in to a shelter by his owners.
Cody has arrived at his foster home and is doing well.
Cody at the shelter.
Update from Cody's foster mom.
"Cody has REALLY come out of his shell, he is active and alert.  
He has figured out the dog door, I saw him running in the yard earlier with sheer joie de vivre.  
He is affectionate and even-tempered, he smiles all the time.
My dogs have accepted him completely.    
I have never seen a dog smile like he does.  
He is a very happy guy!  He is a delight to have around."
Cody on his freedom ride to his
foster home
Cody IV wasn’t sure about the snow at first but he seems to love it!
Cody, a/k/a/ The Codemeister or Code Green, is a happy, energetic
guy who does not look or act his 11 years of age.  
When he first arrived, he was marking often and chewing everything
in sight.  Less than 2 weeks later, and after being neutered,
he has stopped marking and is almost completely house trained.  
He has had a couple accidents in the house, but this happens
because he is so distracted outside by the breezes, deer, turkeys,
etc. that he can’t focus on his business.  
There are just so many new things to watch and smell – can you
blame the poor guy?
Cody’s chewing has decreased over the last week however he still
needs to be closely monitored.
He is especially fond of paper/cardboard items and wires.
The Codemeister has shown more interest in his toys lately so I am
hoping this will reduce the other chewing behaviors.  
This handsome guy has thick, soft fur and big beautiful eyes.
He loves to stand as close as possible to his humans whether inside or
outdoors.  He displayed an aggressive manner towards other dogs on
two separate occasions since he has been with me.
Those were the only two times he has crossed paths with other dogs
while in my care. He has been around men, women and children and
seems calm and affectionate with every human he meets.
He is a very sweet guy who is ready to enjoy his retirement years with
a family who will adore him.
Cody would probably do best in a home without other pets where he
either has a fenced yard or the opportunity to take some long walks.
He's great on a leash!