A Better English Setter Rescue welcomes the painter-pup, DaVinci!
He's 13 weeks old!
A Better English Setter Rescue
DaVinci at in-take.
DaVinci transports to
his foster home!
Davinci is settling very well especially having Ms Dinah, his
foster sister, as guidance. She keeps him calm if he gets
scared.  He also looks to me as well.

He loves his crate. Potty training is going well.  He loves his
toys and elk horns. I would seriously suggest Bark Box for this
boy.  Usually between 1-3pm he has claimed his own quiet
time. He plays quietly without rough-housing or naps in his
crate.  He is very cat friendly and treats my cats well.

DaVinci walks nicely on leash, although sometimes gets a bit
crazy... we're working on that. He is so funny though, even if
we take different routes on our walks, he knows when we are
headed home and gets excited.  On my property I let Dinah go
so she can run, and for the heck of it I let DaVinci go with leash
on, as he follows her.  I leave the leash on in case I need to
grab him, but he has done well.  He also knows where we live -
goes right to the outside door and tells Dinah, hurry up I want
my treat and a drink.  He knows up, as he has to climb stairs to
get to our apartment.
DaVinci nicely waits for his meals and working on sit, which he
will do sometimes on his own for treats or to get leash on when
heading out.

He is very smart. He is getting more comfortable with all the
people coming in and out. Getting used to UPS guy as he knows
when he comes, he and Dinah get a treat :)  He has a happier
face than when first taken into foster care, so he is thriving.

The other funny thing he does when walking.... If someone is
behind us or if something is different from before he is always
looking and watching. I say lets go, quit being so nosy, and he'll
walk but keeps looking back or at whatever seems to be
bothering him. I tell him it is okay and we continue our walk.... I
walk him and Dinah together as a lot of the time it is only me,
not much tangling unless he gets excited, but generally does
very well.
He is doing very well and is happy :)  AND he now is 100 % potty
trained.  He is getting tall.  He loves me as when I talk to him he tilts
his head and listens to every word and will look to me to continue
whatever it is we are doing :)  Gotta love this boy!