4 month old Dancer is new to Rescue! She's very cute and so
sweet! She already gives kisses xoxo

Experienced Setter owners only -- with privacy or invisible
fence -- need apply.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Dancer at in-take.
Dancer with Santa!
Tis the season!
Hello Everyone!

My name is Dancer.  I was found running loose in a busy area.  I
was born early September, 2017.

I love all people, dogs, cats and even the bearded dragon!

I am doing well going potty outside.  I know that I am supposed to
go potty outside, if my people miss my signal I will wait as long as
I can then go potty right by the door.

I went to the vet once and got my shots.  I have to go back at least
one more time.
I can climb fences AND I love to run.  My foster mom said it's a
good thing I am cute.... but I can not be trusted off-leash even in a
fenced-in area.

So because of that foster mommy said only people who have had a
hunting dog before and have either an invisible fence OR a privacy
fence can adopt me.  Even then I can't be trusted off-leash.

Foster mommy said that she thinks that I would do great as a
I LOVE children!  I lick their faces to help keep them clean.  I give
kisses ALL the time.  I LOVE to snuggle on the sofa too.

OK nap time, if you think that I am the puppy for you click the

See you later!

Dancer transports to her furever home and
spends an evening in an overnight BnB!