A Better English Setter Rescue
Hi. My name is Dawson. I am a good old boy and A Better Setter
rescue originally from down South. Two years ago, I was rescued
by a kindly gentleman from Massachusetts, but recently my new
owner fell sick and passed away, so I am looking for a new home.

I just turned 5 years old, and am friendly with everyone I meet. I
love kids, all other dogs, and recently met a cat! I was just curious
as to what the heck it was? A big squirrel? A strange breed of dog?
I just wasn’t sure, so I just let it be.
I am told that I am a little overweight, but otherwise I am the
picture of health. So maybe you can help me shed those few
unwanted pounds. I guess it’s because I never met a couch I didn’t
like, especially if you are on it next to me. Oh yeah – I do love long
back rubs.

And I love, love, love to go on my daily walks, and if you take me to
the dog park, I’ll happily run around with all my fellow canine
friends. Otherwise, all I want is to be by your side and get great
big hugs from you. I was never left alone for long, so if you’re
going on a ride, I’d love to be your co-pilot or back seat driver.
The only things I don’t like are those loud sounds of motorcycles,
fireworks, or thunder, but if you tell me everything is all right, I’ll
stay calm and believe you. Not the biggest fan of those groomers
either, as they steal my beautiful fur and drench me with water, but
I do like being brushed.

So if you have some love in your heart to share, I’m your guy, as I
have plenty to give in return.

Hope to meet you soon.
Dawson transports to his furever home and
makes many new friends along the way!