A Better English Setter Rescue
Destiny saved.
Rescued from a hoarding situation, along with Lilo
here she is on her way to her foster home.
Desy (Destiny) has come a long way since being rescued.  
When she first came here she was having some trouble with balance and  
strength.  She got a good nail trimming and did a lot, and I mean a lot, of
stretching and has been improving every day. Desi has some old injuries that
are not slowing her down.  She is blind in one eye but doesn't miss a thing.  
She has an old knee injury, but her leg seems to be getting stronger every day.
Destiny is approximately 5 years old.
Everything is new and exciting to her.  She loves being out in the yard
and watching birds and people.  She is getting the hang of riding in
the car.  She was scared the first few times and even ducked when we
would go under an underpass.  She doesn't pull when on a lead but is
still learning how to walk well on a leash - a work in progress.  She has
met chickens and a pet pig.  She loves the chickens and will watch
them all day.  She was curious about cats until she crossed the line
and got cat slapped!  Now she pays no attention to them.  She gets
along well with her foster brothers as long as they don't try to rough
house.  She will let them know when to back off.  With people she
insists on snuggling and giving kisses.  
Desi makes herself at home wherever she goes.  
She is house trained and stays in a crate while I'm at work but that's
just because of her foster brother who bothers her sometimes.  
Everyone eats together but in separate corners without any
problem. You can eat on the couch and she doesn't beg.  Desi loves
kids and is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had the privilege to
meet.  She doesn't need to be super active and is more than happy
to have some yard time and plenty of snuggles.
Do you think you could be the person
to give her her furever home?
Destiny on transport to her
fur-ever home.