This handsome 4-5 year old boy is Doc! He is new to Rescue.
What's up, Doc?
A Better English Setter Rescue
Doc at in-take.
The first few years of my life were what most people would
call offensive.  I was part of a backyard breeder's kennel and
things weren't the greatest there. I never lived in a house
until I came to rescue, but I am learning. I still have a way to
go, but I am motivated to live the good life.
I am what you would consider a “work in progress,” but let
me share what I have learned so far:

  • I've stopped jumping on people constantly but I get
    excited every now and then and forget my manners.
  • I've learned what 'no' means.
  • I figured out the best place in the world is in a lap.
  • I love binge watching TV and eating popcorn (in a lap).  If
    you hold me then it's doggie nirvana.
  • I'm learning to stay out of peoples way and not get under
  • I've learned that I must sit to get a treat and have all 4
    paws on  the floor to get petted. I forget this at times, but
    remember quickly with a verbal correction.  If it gets me
    attention and love I'll do anything to make my people
  • I 'ROO.' If you have never heard a roo - it will surprise you.
Now, here are a few things that I have to admit...I still struggle

  • I am not fond of going into a crate - a big chunk of hot dog or
    a bowl of food will get me in without a fight -  but, after a few
    minutes I do settle down.  When you let me out I get real
    excited and zoom around the house and jump on you.  This
    upsets Mom as she says I could hurt her.
  • I counter surf - I want everything you have to eat because I
    was so hungry for so long. I am excellent at begging - again
    Mom doesn't like it - I don't get anything but I try.
I am working on my house training - I now go outside without
being forced.  It took awhile for me to believe I would be let back
in. I haven't figured out how to let my people know that I need to
go out and I go in the house sometimes.  When I lived outside I
just went when and where I wanted to – I am finding out that is
not acceptable in a house. This upsets Mom and that makes me
sad. Please remember, I am a “work in process.”