This handsome 4-5 year old boy is Doc! He is new to Rescue.
What's up, Doc?
A Better English Setter Rescue
Doc at in-take.
Hi, my name is Dawson (Doc) and I am a 4-5 year old, very
handsome, tri-color English setter. My foster mom feels that it
is time for me to update everyone on the progress I have
made over the last few months. If you remember, when I
wrote my first biography, I had to use the words “work in
progress”… a lot. Well, not anymore. My foster mom always
knew that I was going to be a good boy, I just needed to
learn some house manners and social skills. I guess I nailed
it, because mom tells me that I am a good boy that has great
soulful eyes and gives great hugs!! I don’t like to toot my own
horn, but read everything that I have accomplished!!
I go to the bathroom outside now. (Apparently that's a big

I've stopped stealing food, but I still beg (sorry). The smell of
food just drives me crazy... I love it! Before I came into the
Rescue, I didn’t always get food on a daily basis and being
outside my whole life I never had the privilege of smelling
food that was cooking. I eat ALL my food and want more.  I'm
still afraid I may never eat again.  This may take me awhile to
get over... yes, this is still a “work in progress."  If the other
dogs in the house don’t eat all their food, I am more than
happy to help them! I have figured out that is not acceptable
because the other doggies eat at different times of the day
and I'm kept away while they eat.
I easily go in my crate with a treat, make a bit of a fuss then
settle down. I am super happy to get out and want kisses and
cuddles. I run around like a crazy dog and jump, but I am making
progress by trying to slow down those jumps and turn them into
hugs. I also get excited when you come back into a room. I have
to be honest, before I came into the rescue, I didn’t have a very
high opinion of people, but I realize now that I shouldn’t have
based my opinion on just one person. You people are awesome! I
enjoy cuddling with mom - snuggles are the best! If we can't
snuggle then I'll give her a hug and some nose kisses.
Lastly, I have learned to get along better with the resident dogs.
We have not had any disagreements in over 2 months. However, I
feel that my prior behavior was extremely rude, to say the least,
because now they won’t play with me.  When I arrived with my
foster mom, there was another foster dog, but she got adopted.
She and I got along great and we played and played for hours.
I am becoming more confident that I will be cared for,  loved and
desired by someone. I just want to have my own person that I can
love forever. Mom says I am super sweet and very loving and that
I deserve a great furever family to call my own.
Dawson transports to his FURever home! Happy Trails!!