Donnie:  the littlest one, and the darkest colored puppy.  His coat is nearly black in some
parts, and fades to a dark brown.  His paws are white with brown setter freckles.  He figured
out within 24 hours that if he needs to potty, he can put his paw on the back door and his
foster mommy will let him outside to do his business.  Therefore he gets named after the
smartest Ninja turtle.  He's also very curious, and sometimes follows a smell in the backyard,
only to turn around and panic when he can't see his brothers.  He hears my voice calling him,
and he comes running from around a corner and jumps into my arms like he's suffered the
scariest ordeal and never wants to leave again... and then finds a new smell to follow.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Charlotte's four (9-week-old) English
Setter-mix pups are new to Better Setter!
Momma Charlotte!
Donnie travels to his FURever home!