Dottie III
1 to 2 year old Dottie III is new to Better Setter!  
Here she is on her freedom ride!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Dottie III at intake.
Hello, my name is Dottie III or “Dot” for short.   I am a small
one to two year old English Setter mix that is “sweet as apple
pie” (or at least that is what my foster parents say).   I get
along with all of the dogs in the house and understand their
boundaries and when to play and when to relax.   I love my
humans too!  So much so that sometimes I cry for them a bit
when they leave the house.   I love to run outside and play in
the fenced in yard with the other dogs, but I am equally
content being an indoor dog too.  One of my favorite places is
to be curled up between my foster parents.  Speaking of
favorites, did I tell you that belly rubs are mandatory?  I just
love them and require them on a daily basis.
My history is a bit unknown.  I can’t understand why I was
placed in a shelter – I am such a sweet dog.  But it was a good
thing, because I don’t think my life before then was very nice.  I
am a very submissive dog and sometimes I cower when a voice
is raised or someone moves a hand too fast.  I also have to deal
with these “things” on my stomach from when I had
puppies…they are a little stretched out from all that nursing, but
I am sure they will get smaller with time.  I also think I need to
gain about 5 lbs (I am currently 39 lbs) as I am a bit
underweight - oh, did I tell you I am VERY food motivated.

Speaking of food, I am a curious dog and will go hunting for
things to eat that resemble something tasty.  I am still learning
not to surf the kitchen counters for food.  My foster parents
know better than to leave anything laying near the edge of the
counter where I can access it.  If it smells like I can eat it, I will
drag it to the floor to be sampled.   At the food bowl, I am not
aggressive and I eat with the other dogs in the house.  I can get
a little excited and throw a bit of kibble on the floor, but don’t
worry, I will clean that up!
I know a couple of basic commands, like sit, but don’t
expect me to be well trained.  I am super smart and I think
that all I need is some basic obedience training.  When I am
outside, I usually come when I am called, but I shouldn’t be
trusted off lead unless I am in a fenced-in area.   When the
humans want to go outside, I will bolt for the door to be
outside with them.  I am pretty quick and I have escaped
many times into the back yard.  I suspect the humans are
catching on to my shenanigans though as they have started
bribing me away from the door with the promise of food.  
They have also resorted to holding my collar when

Because of my curious nature and short time with my foster
family, the humans have yet to trust me outside of the crate
when they leave the house.  I like the crate but feel
abandoned if the room is empty and will howl the house
down (half an hour is my record).  At night, I am fine in the
crate and will sleep soundly.  My foster parents even let me
up on their bed for a couple of “sleep overs” and I did really
So here is me in a nutshell…If you are looking for a super
sweet dog, then I am your girl!

In summary, Dottie III is a VERY friendly 1-2 year old setter.
She is a small dog, barely 40 pounds and, being a young
dog, high energy! She shows zero aggression in any
situation and is very submissive. She rolls onto her back for
tummy rubs all the time and we are convinced she will wear
her tail out, it NEVER stops wagging.
She does counter surf a little so we try to keep anything
tasty under lock and key. Other than that and her loud
disapproval of being crated when we leave the house we
really cannot think of any issues at all. Her future humans
need to be watchful of her though as she is a bit of an
escape artist. Despite our having a fenced yard with four
other dogs who apparently lack her determination, she
managed to be on the outside looking in…at them looking
out at her, how, we will never know! She will make a
wonderful pet and we would strongly recommend a
household where she is not left unattended for more than a
couple of hours. This is a very social dog who is attached to
her humans and so NOT suited to a house where she is left
alone when the humans are at work.

If you are looking for a friendly, playful, smaller setter that
has zero aggression and loves nothing more than to sleep in
your lap, you just found her!