Dude/Duke V
Dude is a 4-5 year old boy, bigger at 65 lbs and is sweet and
loving.  Welcome to Rescue, Dude!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Dude at in-take.
Duke V has been in foster care to get over some of the
scars left by being from a puppy mill.  He is a beautiful
dog as you can see from the pictures, but needed to
gain weight and learn about outdoor potty duties and
Duke V is not cat tested.  He initially had problems
adjusting to crating and his pack-mates, but has
progressed extremely satisfactorily.  Duke did not want
to eat when he arrived, was hand shy, and had a
marked aversion to his crate.  All that has passed, and
the loving huge heart of this setter has been teased out
into reality.  He is extremely bonded, and loves people.  
He now is trusting and seeks affection.  Duke has not
been off leash, but work has been done on heel, sit, and
Duke now is easy to crate, but had rather be on the bed
at night.  He knows to leave the kitchen when told Go!  
He can be a bit of a counter surfer.  Duke has that
loyalty and gentleness English Setters are known for.  
He would do well in a quiet adult home with one or two
other dogs.  It will take him a week or so to adjust to a
new environment, but will do well once trust is
established.  He grows more each day and continues to
progress.  He has not yet peaked, and wishes to please
and learn.
Duke was HW+ when he arrived to us, but he has
undergone treatment and tested negative on his last
trip to the vet. If you are interested in adopting this
sweet boy, please fill out an application.