Duke III
A Better English Setter Rescue
Duke III is a Courtesy Post
Courtesy Posts: Duke III is not in the care of A Better English Setter
Rescue (ABESR), but we are trying to assist in his placement by giving
him additional exposure. Duke III not the responsibility of ABESR;
fees, terms and adoption agreements may differ from ABESR.
Duke III is a Courtesy Post
Hello,  I'm Duke (although some of my friends call me Dukie.)  I'm  a  
7 year old, neutered male English Setter.   I have lots of energy but
I'm very well-behaved in the house.  

I lost my home because of my bad behavior around small dogs.  Since
I got into a fight with a small dog a couple years ago I can't stand
them.  I slipped out of the house and bit a small dog that one of our
neighbors was walking on a leash.   The neighbors insisted that I go
and my family sadly sent me away to their friend who is also my

My former family and I did lots of things together: running together,
going canoeing, hunting, cuddling...  I miss having a family.  

I do not like small dogs, cats and larger male dogs-until I get to know
them.  I cannot go to a home with small dogs or cats.  

I am a strong, athletic hunter and very focused but my hunting
partner has to stay alert in case there are other dogs around.  I am
very good at coming when called if another dog shows up and tries to
challenge me.  I go to my hunting partner and hang out with them.  

I'm now kenneled there with 2 female roommates and we have fun
but I miss being with humans.  I really miss my humans.  I get along
very well with people of all ages.  

I have had obedience training and have very good manners in the
house.  I love to jog or run outside although I'm always keeping an
eye out for something to hunt.  It works best for me to be in a
harness.  Once I'm inside it's time to relax.  

I would be best in a home with a nice fenced in yard so I don't have to
worry about defending against small dogs or cats.  I can spend hours
outside looking, chasing and hunting so you don’t even have to take
me for walks if you don’t want to, I wear myself out.

I love to cuddle and am happiest either in your lap or snuggled up
right next to you.

I don’t always like other dogs. I loved my foster sisters and we play a
lot every day.  With other dogs maybe I’m just afraid but I have to act
tough and bark and growl at them or maybe feel like I have to protect
my human.  

Right now I am so eager for human attention that I sometimes try to
jump up when first greeting a person.  I'm reminded about the "Off"
command and I do my best to behave.   

About You:

You would need to be able to provide an outlet for all of my energy.

Last but not least it would be great if you want a dog that will cuddle
with you especially after a nice long run of course!

Please contact my foster mom for more information about me:  

Mary-Beth Esser  262-490-8156   mbireland2000@yahoo.com