Welcome sweet, sad Eddie who just wants people to love on.
Cheer up baby... we got you now.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Eddie at In-Take.
Eddie in the loving arms of Rescue.
Hi, I'm Eddie! I know I look sad, but don't be fooled. I'm a very
happy, 1 ½ year old boy that really wants to find his forever
home. I honestly don't know what's taking so long, just look at
how handsome I am.  Since I am still young, I have young dog
energy and I like to expend that energy by playing with toys
and looking for birdies! Ohhh how I love birdies! My foster
mommy taught me how to play nice with kitties, so we are
friends now – kitties are so darn cute. As you can see from my
photos I love other dogs too!  I just seem to love everything! I
have lots of friends, actually!   
My foster mommy says I don't always have the best manners,
but because I'm really smart, I will learn! Did I mention that my
foster mom thinks I am really smart?  I just need training and a
family with lots of patience. Foster mommy told me so.
I like my foster mommy lots, but foster daddy is my favorite!  I
love anybody that takes me outside a lot and lets me sit on
them – cuddle time is awesome.  I don't like being by myself. It
makes me sad. Nobody knows my old mommy and daddy, but
foster mommy doesn't think they paid a lot of attention to me.
I haven't had a lot of experience with inside rules and I just get
SO excited!!! My foster mommy says I need a really tall fence or
I might even learn how to respect an invisible fence.  She says I
could be a circus dog because I'm so talented! I only like to
escape to explore for a little bit. When I get tired I listen and
come home.
I really like having a home. Right now I sleep in a kennel, but it
would make me so happy to finally sleep in a bed with a
mommy and daddy. If you know anybody who wants an
energetic, highly intelligent lap dog, tell them I'm interested!

Love, Eddie
Eddie transports HOME!