Frosty at the shelter.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Frosty is and English Setter/Pyrenees mix. He is about 2 years old and weighed 65lbs at Intake
Frosty and his sister Noel are safe in rescue they were set to be euthanatized.
Frosty was lucky enough to have a wonderful transporter who drove him hundreds of miles to his foster home.
Frosty walked three miles and watched the
sunrise with his transport person. She says he
has a beautiful lope on leash!  
Frosty Mr. happy-go-lucky aka bundle of love  
settling in to his foster home.
Samson (f/k/a Frosty) is a 2 year old, large, sweet boy that
loves to have his ears scratched and smoosh his head into your
lap. I really don't think you could give this boy too much love -
he is such a sweetheart!! Samson enjoys being with his people.  
He is friendly and has been good with all the people he has met.
Samson is great with older children; he hasn't met any young
children yet, but he does have a gentle nature about him.
Samson gets along with other dogs and has been enjoying his
time with his foster brother who is close to his age.

He would love to have a fenced yard as he enjoys running at
full speed. Samson enjoys his toys and a good chew on a
rawhide bone. He is crate trained in an extra-large crate and
crates nicely when given a treat. He is a smart boy and knows
the sit command, walks nicely on leash and can shake with
both paws!  Samson is ok with cats and seems to ignore them,
however, if they voice their opinion at him, he will voice his
right back. He needs to be watched carefully around open doors
as he will slip out easily. Samson is truly a sweet and wonderful
dog and will make anyone a great companion and family
Look at how smart, gentle and
loving Samson is!
Samson's arrival at home with his family!!
Samson the lover on his way home!!
Samson's first day with his new family.