This 5-year-old handsome fella is Gumby aka BJ and he is new to Rescue.
Welcome Gumby!!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Gumby at intake.
Gumbys travels to his foster
home and spends a night at a
Gumby/BJ is a super sweet 5 year old, male Setter that has the
most amazingly soft fur! Everyone wants to touch him and this
boy does not disappoint. Everyone who meets this boy loves him.

Gumby/BJ made his way into rescue when his owner was
admitted into the hospital. While in the hospital the his owners
daughter broke into the home and threw a week long party,
leaving poor Gumby/BJ alone in his crate – no food, no water
and no place to go potty. He has a little anxiety which we
suspect stems from that period of his life. While he is still a
work in progress, I can see the dog he will be with time, a firm
heart, gentle hands, and patience.
He does not seem to have any sort of issues with men, women,
cats, other dogs. He loves the car although his manners in the
car could be improved. Is this boy birdy?? He would stop in the
middle of peeing to watch the birds in the trees… so does that
answer that question? He is beginning to show signs of wanting
to play with my dog Charlie, but he is apprehensive around my
female ES who is a total brat and hateful to everyone except
Charlie. If she sits next to Gumby/BJ for a cookie, he will move
over about 6-9 inches to give her more space.
I've seen zero signs of dominance with him. He is not very good
on the leash right now, and is very strong for his size. I'm hoping
that a gentle leader might help with that. I've not used one on
one of my dogs in a decade but if it helps him get the walking on
the leash struggle under control it will be worth in. Gumby/BJ is
good in a crate and has never soiled or torn up anything in his
I think he will need a home with a strong male in the household,
and he will need a household where he either has a big yard to
run in or someone who can maybe jog with him. I think in the
right home, Gumby/BJ is going to learn to be a complete
gentleman as I suspect he was prior to his incident.

If you are interested in adopting soft, furry Gumby/BJ, please fill
out an application.
This handsome gentleman is on his way to his furever home.
I'm on my way home, I'm going home.