Harry and Cleo
Welcome Harry and Cleo! This bonded pair (Harry is 14 years
old and Cleo is 13) need a home together. They are comfortably
settling into their foster home with two resident Setters.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Harry and Cleo at in-take.
Harry and Cleo have been together most of their lives.
Both of these dogs came to us in poor condition, but
with some love and good food they are full of life and
spunk again. Harry and Cleo have battled long term
health issues caused by Lyme disease. In fact, the vet
wouldn’t give them their vaccines until they gained
some weight and got a bit more healthy.
Harry is a 14 year old boy and he is one of those dogs
where you are his world! All this boy wants to do is hang
out with you, sit on you and cuddle. Out of the two dogs
he is the least active. Harry was recently diagnosed with
kidney problems, but he is doing well on blood pressure
medicine and special food.

Cleo is a 13 year old girl and she is the more active out
of the two. This girl doesn't act like she's 13!! She also
loves attention and quality cuddle time with you. Cleo
has a heart murmur, that medicine could help, but at
this point it is not affecting her activity level at all.
Harry is still intact and at his age, it is more of a risk to
try to have him neutered at this point. We are unsure if
Cleo has been spayed or not – she has not gone into heat
while in foster care and at her age a spay scar would not
be visible any longer.

Harry and Cleo are both good with cats and kids. Both
dogs are very loving and happy go lucky. If you are
looking for a couple of sweet dogs to spend some quality
cuddle time with, these two just might fit your family!!!
It is with heavy hearts that we tell you about Harry. A
senior foster dog who has gone to the      bridge.

His foster dad found out that Harry and his sister were in a
shelter and went to meet them. He sat in the parking lot
and debated what to do. Needless to say foster dad has a
soft spot for Seniors and they went home with him that
afternoon. Harry and Cleo were a bonded pair and were to
be adopted together.

Unfortunately, Harry didn't make it to his new home. He
was certainly loved and had a wonderful home with his
foster dad.  

Rescue is rewarding in so many ways but days like today
are most difficult. We all know what it's like to lose a loved
one. We all know how hard it is to say good bye. Harry will
be missed by so many!
Happy tails to you, kiddo. Run free sweet boy.
*Harry died from complications of Lyme disease. Please use
flea and tick prevention on your pets!

Cleo, who misses him terribly is not doing well, so she will
be remaining with her foster dad, Scott, in a hospice