A Better English Setter Rescue
Overnight B&B during transport to her foster home.  
Little Hazard is taking on life one
"specialty" syringe at a time.
Look at our girl Hazard! Keep those positive thoughts,
Zen, prayers and magical fairy dust coming.
Hazard is named after the female DC comic book character whose
superpower is being lucky.  Hazard came from a litter of 5 puppies,
born sometime around the 4th of July.  The momma is a feral, stray
female in Kentucky.  We are unsure of the breed of either parent dog,
but the momma looks to be a beagle mix.  Three of the puppies were
rescued at 6 weeks old and came to our rescue.  Hazard was the littlest
by far, weighing just under 6 pounds.  Unfortunately, all three puppies
were gravely ill from various parasites and bacteria they caught while
in the wild.  Although she's the runt, Hazard has the fighting spirit of a
dog 10 times her size!  She fought hard, and with lots of love and
medical care from her foster family, she pulled through and made a full
recovery.  She weighed in at 13.4 pounds on Sep. 30th.
Hazard is very, very social and will need a forever home with
other social dogs.  She is untested with cats.  She hates being
left alone in a room and will do anything to be with her foster
family-- including climbing and hopping off a four-foot wall!!  
She will, however, happily (and quietly) stay in her kennel as
long as she can SEE a family member.  If her kennel is in your
bedroom, she will sleep quietly through the night.  She has
escaped her puppy pen a few times, but even when she had
unattended full-roam of the house, she was not destructive.  She
played with the big dogs and her toys and napped on the couch.  
She loves her bigger foster siblings (a husky and an english
setter), and she is determined to make them love her back!  My
english setter normally avoids other dogs, so he was quite
surprised when this little gal approached him timidly, with her
ears back and slinking low.  She sat between his two front paws,
rolled over on her back, and started licking his muzzle.  He's
grown used to her affections, and rarely ever growls at her
anymore-- it's proof that no one can resist her cuteness!  
She loves walking alongside both big dogs, following them
everywhere, batting at their noses, tails, and legs.  She will listen
to them when they growl and tell her to back off, but she will try
again later.
She is very attentive to her humans as well.  
If she has not seen you for a long period of time, she will sit at your
feet, begging to be petted before anything else.  
She will follow you from room to room and will often just sit and watch
you.  We sometimes call her "trip Hazard" for this reason.  
She always naps near a family member, and she loves being picked up
and held.
Hazard enjoys chasing tennis balls but hasn't quite gotten the hang
of bringing them back to the humans.  
Because she was so sick at such a young age, she's a little behind on
her training.  She will sit for treats, but we're still working on
"come", "no biting", and potty training.  
She responds very well to verbal commands and is eager to please
you, but like most puppies, she gets easily distracted.  
Also like most puppies, she has random spurts of uncontrollable
energy.  During her spurts, she sometimes gets too rough with her
humans or bigger dogs.  This is generally only a problem on rainy
days when she can't run outside.
Arrivial at foster home.
Hazard's journey to her foster home.
Hazard was very ill as a young pup and was lovingly nursed back to health by her foster family.

"This is Hazard with her two siblings,  Skadi the husky and Bear the English Setter.  They both love playing
with her.  She wakes up each morning and first thing she does, she greets everyone with kisses-- humans
included.  It's as if she thanks us every day for saving her life, and then proceeds to do everything she can to
make us all smile.  She truly completes our family."