A Better English Setter Rescue
Hope moved to her foster home and is doing great!  She is eating and taking her
medication without hesitation. Foster mom reports that the resident male
Setter loves to touch his nose to Hope's and then thump his tail.  
Hope was found as a stray in South Carolina.
She had a large, oozing mammary tumor.
She tested positive for Heartworm and was down on her luck.
Once we were able to get her to the Vets we were informed that she also had Pyometra.
This can be a devastating, quickly deteriorating condition which could have
put her in an emergency end of life position.

Prior to surgery the vet reported that Hope was in good spirits
and was pulling everyone around when they walked her.
She was super sweet and allowed all of the poking and prodding.  

Hope went into surgery and had her uterus, five tumors and rear lymph nodes removed.
Hope with her wonderful temporary foster family, who took care of her
and saw to it that she received lots of love before and after her surgery.
Hope continues to heal and is filled with energy.
She is taking antibiotics to help with infection
and will begin Heartworm treatment soon!

Stay tuned for updates as Hope continues her healing process.
Update 8/13
Hope moved to a new foster home.
She is now living with ABESR Alumni, Dexter. Everyone is madly in love with her, especially Dexter.