Hunter, formally known as Micah, on transport to his foster home.  
Hunter meeting his foster mom and fur-brother.
About Me:
I was found as a stray in Huntsville Alabama, so no one knows
for sure about my history.   The doctor says I’m about six years
old, and am very healthy.   I am very small for a Setter, I weigh
about 35lbs.    I have lots of energy and LOVE to hunt.  I will
hunt just about anything, including cats
so I absolutely cannot
go to a home with cats
.  I would also really love to go to a home
with a nice fenced in yard.  I can spend hours outside looking,
chasing and hunting so you don’t even have to take me for
walks if you don’t want to, I wear myself out.  I do really love
walks though, and my foster mom takes me on runs up to five
miles and it’s no problem.  Once I’m inside and it’s time to relax,
I love to cuddle and am happiest either in your lap or snuggled
up right next to you.
About You:
You would need to be able to provide an outlet for all of my
energy and drive to hunt.  You should be patient with me as
I learn the rules of your house, especially rules about the
kitchen counters!   It would be best if you were willing to
continue my leash training and my socialization, especially
introducing me to strangers.   Last but not least it would be
great if you want a dog that will cuddle with you all day
while you binge watch House of Cards.  I LOVE binge
watching days!  Oh after a nice long run of course!
That being said, I am very protective of my caregiver and I don’t like
people walking up to us uninvited.  I get very nervous when single
strangers approach me unexpectedly or startle me.  This makes me
bark and jump at them.  My foster mom says I would make a really
great watchdog for someone.
My social life:
I don’t always like other dogs.   I loved my temporary foster
brother and I love my current foster brother and we play a lot
every day.   I just spent a couple of nights at a babysitter and I
really liked and played with two of the other dogs, but I didn’t like
the big one too much.  Maybe I’m just afraid but I have to act
tough and bark and growl at him.  I really like people, my foster
mom takes me to running events and I meet a lot of them at once
and several of them pet me and I like that too.   I’m not sure about
kids, my foster mom doesn’t have any and we don’t seem to be
around them too often.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Hunter is looking for his forever family!