A Better English Setter Rescue
Jane at the shelter and then on her freedom ride.
Sweet Jane in the car after we picked her up from the shelter.
It was as if she had a moment of relief when she could just relax and feel free. She’s a total doll
Here are some pictures of Jane relaxing and sharing
some love at her temporary foster home.
Janie girl on transport to her foster home.
Jane is one of the sweetest pups you will ever meet!
There is nothing this little girl loves more than to snuggle with her people.
At just 32 pounds, she doesn’t take up too much room on the couch. She’s
about 2 years old and is very laid-back. She doesn’t require much as far
as exercise goes. But, that isn’t to say she’s a couch potato! Daily walks
are a must to stimulate her curious mind. She also has a blast exploring
the woods during short hikes and always perks up when she is allowed
off leash in a fenced-in area. We took her to a church league softball game
this summer and she napped/relaxed the entire time; she didn’t even
bark at the other dogs there! Jane would do best with a family who will
want to bring her along to dog-friendly events as she absolutely loves
being by her person’s side.
She gets along well with other dogs but prefers those who have
similar laidback personalities. With that, she would do best in a
home that doesn’t have any overly-active/playful dogs.
We have been working on crate-training. She sleeps very well in
the crate during the night but would prefer someone who isn’t
gone for long periods of time during the day. When she is let out
of her crate she gets very excited, so it would probably be best if
her family only consists of older children and adults. She is a
smart and curious girl who would enjoy taking an obedience
class! We are working on basic commands. She walks very well
on a leash. She is very interested in the birds and other wildlife,
so does require a fenced-in yard. She has not been introduced to
a cat yet but became alert when we saw one on a walk.
Jane would love to be with someone who is up for adventure,
loves snuggles and kisses, and lives in a quiet/laid-back home.
Jane saying goodbye to her
foster family.
Jane now Cali meeting her furever family.