A Better English Setter Rescue
This sweet gentleman was found wandering.
He was taken to the shelter and was not claimed
Johnny on his freedom
from the shelter ride.
Johnny with his transport angels on the way to his foster home.
Hello there!  My name is Johnny Angel and I am a handsome
8-9-year-old gentleman ready to find his furever home!
Johnny wasn’t always my name. I was found as a stray in Florida
and ended up in a shelter.  When my foster Mom heard about me
she decided I needed a name because I shouldn't be called
‘no name boy in Florida’.

On my way to my foster home I hitched an 8-hour ride with Auntie
Sharon - who said I was an angel and now I am JOHNNY ANGEL
You need to know a few things about me:

•    I love gentle pets and will climb in your lap when invited.
•    I have discovered dog beds - great place to nap.
•    I have no interest in toys but give me a bone
    and I am in, heaven.
•    I need eye drops 2x/day for dry eye
    This is new to me, but I am getting better at letting you
    do this and some peanut butter afterwards helps too!
    This is something that was neglected in my previous life,
    so I am partially blind in my left eye.
•    Mom doesn’t think I lived with dogs prior to coming to
    her house, but I get along with my foster brother sister.
    I try to play with them, but they don't want to play.
    Mom says they are old & not to take it personally.
•   Sometimes my foster siblings scare me if they walk past
   me over me or if my back is to them when I’m sleeping.
   You see, I am also partially deaf and sadly, I admit that
   I growl at them.  I can hear high registers, but the low
   ones are lost.  Mom is getting good at talking & calling
   to me in a soprano voice.  So, I hope you understand
   that you have to be a little careful about surprising me.
•   I am learning to sit for treats & biscuits - and I haven't
   counter surfed in weeks.
•   We are trying to get my bathroom habits in a routine.
   Mom thinks I had a doggie door in my past because
   I don't know how to ask to go out.  We are working on this
   but in the meantime, I go out every 4 hours with the
   senior residents.  I am good overnight, but I need to go out
   first thing in the morning.
I hope that if you would like to adopt me that you know I need
you to be patient - it took me a week before I felt comfortable
enough to be social with Mom.  

I am a little guy - 37 pounds - and my puppy energy is long
gone.  I would be good for a person who likes to hang out &
cuddle and doesn't need an active dog.
Please think about adopting me - I would love to have a furever home!