Ladybird now Benelli
A Better English Setter Rescue
Ladybird is 6 years old and weighs approx. 40 lbs.
This sweet little lady was turned into a shelter in KY without a name.
She is safe now in rescue after hopping a flight
and a few car rides to her foster home.
She travels well, is very sweet, and wonderfully tempered.  
However, she has no idea how to live inside.  
Please standby as we learn more about this beautiful lady.
Hi! My name is Ladybird and I am a 6-7-year-old, active girl.
Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I’ve been with my foster family
about one month and I am doing well. I live with a few setters and
dachshunds at my foster home and I am happy to say that I get along
great with each and every one of them!  My house training is coming
along nicely, and I have only had a few accidents!
When my foster family is not home or at night time, I sleep in a crate
and I am very comfortable in there now.  
My foster mom gives me a Nylabone with peanut butter and I go right
in without any fuss.

I am not a big barker at all, but I will talk and give the occasional “Roo”.
I enjoy being outdoors and looking for birds. There are two cats that
live here, and I like to chase them, A LOT. I will spend tons of time
looking for them once I see one.  Lucky for me that they like me!
(After I said that I realized I should probably go to a cat free home.)
Now a little note from my foster mom.

Lady is a terrific dog!  She is a petite girl weighing about 35-40 lbs.  
She is getting better with car rides and her leash skills are coming
along.  I think Lady would do great in any home as she loves all people
and dogs that she meets. She will play with my young setter forever,
both in the house and outside in the yard. They will even sit in the crate
together!! We are working on “sit” for food and that is going pretty
well.  Lady is very smart and wants to please.  
I believe she would be a great addition for any family.
If you are interested in adopting Ladybird, please fill out an application.
Ladybird (now called Benelli) is the best,
sweetest pup in the world.
She is settling in well.  
I am so, so lucky to have her.