New Arrival from Nashville, TN. Welcome Leia!
(Female, 8 weeks old)
A Better English Setter Rescue
Born: January 11, 2018.  Her mommy was a pregnant stray,
brown and white English Setter, surrendered by a loving
family.  The momma had 7 puppies, 4 of them came to
ABESR (Luke, Leia, Chewy and Solo).

Leia has one black eye, with patches of blonde running
through the black.  Her whole belly is spotted black, with a
big patch of black on her butt.  She has a few large black
spots on her back, but they are mostly covered by white fur.  
She has the long soft fur like a typical English Setter puppy.
When Leia first came to her foster mommy's house, she was
a little shy of humans.  After a week, she got used to us and
now seeks us out for attention and cuddling.  Sometimes she
timidly approaches you and licks your hand gently, other
times she comes running full-speed across the room and
bounces into your lap, licking your face.  Like a little
princess, she is very vocal and assertive with what she
wants.  If she cannot reach an area where she wants to be
(up on the couch, in your lap when it's occupied, with you if
you're in a different room, or go to a different room that's
barricaded off) she will tell you with soft whimperings,
whining, or barking, depending on how demanding her little
highness feels like being at that moment.  
From the first day, she had no fear when it came to exploring
the backyard.  She LOVES being outdoors, and occasionally
decides she would rather stay outside than come indoors and
get a treat.  Although she ignores the ducks and geese
outside the fence, she likes to crouch and prowl around as if
hunting her brother, then pounce on him when he's not
paying attention.  She's slightly smaller than Luke, but loves
to wrestle and play, and can hold her own ground.  She likes
wrestling and giving puppy kisses to the bigger dogs,
sometimes even when they don't want her kisses.  Leia loves
to play fetch.  Her foster mommy can throw two balls at once,
and Luke and Leia will each bring back one ball without
fighting!  They also insist on sharing food bowls.
Leia has normal puppy energy
levels, but will occasionally get
spurts of crazy puppy energy.  She
is currently learning potty
training.  She will usually whine or
cry loudly when she needs to
potty, but sometimes still has
accidents indoors.  She has not had
any poop accidents indoors.  She
sleeps through the night.
Luke, Leia and foster
sibling Skadi
Luke, Leia and foster
sibling, Bear
Luke and Leia cuddle on
a lap for a nap!