Leo:  The biggest pup, the bravest pup, but does not try to be an alpha.  He was the first to
start batting at and playing with our big dogs.  The other pups will often get excited and
jump up and down trying to get attention, while Leo often will sit down behind the others
and wait patiently for his turn.  He is the lightest colored; almost tan/sand fur.  He has a
curly tail that touches his back when he's playing.  I have seen him catch a smell in the
backyard and go on full-point TWICE.  It was adorable to see his little Setter instincts kick-in!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Charlotte's four (9-week-old) English
Setter-mix pups are new to Better Setter!
Momma Charlotte!
PUPDATE:  Leo "sneaky-barks!"  He only barks when you're not looking
directly at him.  Same with whining.  He loves to play with his brothers, but
when he gets tired he plops down wherever he is for sleepytime.  If your lap
is near him, he will crawl into your lap and go to sleep.  He also loves sitting
in your lap and chewing on toys.