Hello Beautiful! Lindy-girl!
Here she is at intake and on her transport to ABESR!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Lindy at In-Take.
Lindy's Freedom Ride!
Miss Lindy is estimated to be 8 years old.  She is a gorgeous lady!  Are you
looking for a setter that roos? Here’s your girl.  Miss Lindy roos every
morning when her foster dad leaves for work. She sure loves her foster
daddy!!  She is good with her foster mom but there is a definite affection and
respect for men.  She is the same way with our adult sons when they come
to visit… it’s very sweet to see ❤
Lindy loves toys and walks well on a leash. She is, however, very
picky about whom she likes when it comes to her other foster
siblings.  Lindy definitely wants to be the alpha dog in the pack, but
she has not won that spot at her foster home. She gets along well
with the pack leader, Darby, as you can see from her photos. As for
the other foster siblings at her home, they have learned respect for
each other.  Anyone interested in Lindy that currently has dogs
needs to know that it will take some time, patience and extreme
supervision before everyone will mesh.  Lindy is also food
aggressive when fed with the other dogs but is very gentle if you
feed her in a different location or in her crate. She cannot share
a water bowl either.  Lindy does well when we feed her treats by
hand and she will wait her turn with the others when we share our
morning toast.
Lindy did well when her fosters’ small grandchildren came for a visit,
but again that was with a very close eye.  We think she would do
well with older children that would understand and respect her
space.  She has great house manners and has not had accidents in
the house. She sleeps quietly in her crate at night and when we are
away from the house.  She loves to be outside and also loves to hitch
a ride in the car where ever you are going.  Lindy will sit when
instructed and will also shake hands, but stay and lie down are still a
work in progress.  She understands the meaning of NO and we are
working on keeping her from being a counter surfer.
Lindy’s foster home does not have a cat but we are guessing she
would NOT do well with a cat.  Lindy is a great watch dog as she
hears everything and will bark to alert you.  Her health is excellent
and she is super sweet and easy to LOVE. We are thinking she would
do best in a one dog home; however, she does really like to play with
other dogs, but only on her terms.  So, if your home already has a
dog just know you will need to take it slow with our Miss Lindy.