9 year old Lizzie is new to Rescue! Welcome lovely Lizzie!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Lizzie at in-take.
Lizzie transports to her foster home!
Lizzie is 9+ years old but acts more like she is 4-6. She is a well
mannered Southern girl. Lizzie appreciates a soft place to snooze,
toys to play with, and a good bone to chew on. She likes being
with people and can get anxious and protest when you leave.
Crating is not something this Southern Belle is fond of, which is
fine, because when left loose in the house she just plays with her

Lizzie is currently living with three other dogs and everyone gets
along great.  She has not been around cats so her interaction
with them is unknown. Lizzie does not do well with young
children (10 and younger), but older children are not a problem.
You need to be aware that Lizzie does have food allergies and she
can only eat certain dog foods or have certain treats. She has
been transitioned from HILL'S ZD ($80-90/bag)to limited
ingredient food available from Walmart (@$40/bag). Her treats
are also limited ingredient  available from Walmart. She has a
very good appetite and always finishes her food.  Lizzie does not
counter surf and rarely begs.

Lizzie also has another health issue – she is HW+ with a very
light case. She must take heart worm prevention and flea and tick
meds and then be tested again in a few months.
Lizzie is a very special lady that is looking for a forever home
where she can hang out with her humans, be loved and enjoy life!
She enjoys being loved on and will love on you as much as  you
will let her.

Do you think you are ready to be Lizzie’s family?  Lizzie says
thank you for considering me!!!
Lizzie was in her forever home for under a week. She had a
life of love ahead of her.

Lizzie’s new mom noticed that she wasn’t feeling well so
off to the vet they went to learn she was bleeding
internally.  She had surgery that afternoon and they found
many, many tumors. The vet suggested not bringing her
out of anesthesia and to let Lizzie go or she would suffer
for the next few weeks.

Lizzie’s mom said goodbye for all of us … gave her hugs &
kisses.  Lizzie stole many hearts and was deeply loved by
her both her foster and furever moms.  She will be
missed.  Run free, sweet girl.