A Better English Setter Rescue
A tired little Luca arriving at foster and home meeting her foster mom.
Luca at her Temporary foster home and just off the plane in the USA with traveling buddy Nic.
Luca waiting for her flight in Serbia.
Luca being rescued and given medical
treated in Serbia
Little Lucky Luca!  She is a sweetie!  She just loves people!

Luca started out life on the streets in Serbia.  She was left for dead
after being run over by a car at 9 weeks old.  Her life was saved
with the help of good Samaritans in Serbia.  Now, she is living the
good life in the USA!

Luca is possibly a long-haired German / Belgian Shepherd and
Spaniel mix.  At 10 months old, she is 27 pounds of pure joy!   She
still has the inquisitiveness and energy of a puppy and loves to run
in the yard.  Lucky Luca loves her toys and chews; she carries one
around with her constantly. She also loves being pet and getting
her belly rubbed!  
Luca is very smart too!  This little girl rapidly learned how to
become an indoor dog after living on the streets and a “group
home”.  She learned the housebreaking rules in one day and how
to use the doggie door in 2 days! Luca also knows the basic
commands of “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay” and “Leave it”.  She’s pretty
good with “Steady” on our walks.  Luca also grasped the words
“Cookie” and “Go for a Walk” very quickly.   Luca follows her foster
mom wherever she goes and even sleeps in her foster mom’s bed
surrounded by toys.  If she wakes up during the night, she grabs a
toy and entertains herself.

You can take anything out of her mouth, even her food bowl.  She
gobbles up her food and is using a puzzle bowl to slow her eating
As a typical young pup, she is very alert and curious.  She notices
everything that goes on - planes in the sky, birds in the bushes,
people on the street.  When walking, she stops to listen and look at
each new sight – the boy on the bike, the man mowing his lawn
and, of course, all the other dogs.  She loves walking and exploring.

She does well with children around 4 and older.  She hasn’t been
around babies – her puppy exuberance may be a bit too much for
very small children without attention and training.

She’s good with other dogs after being properly introduced.  She
likes to “herd” and play rough with my older dogs; they mostly
ignore her.

The only cats she’s met were in the pet store.  She ignored the cats
in the cages – she was too interested in being adored by the store
personnel – and didn’t know the cats were there until one hissed
at her.  She jumped and backed up and just stared at them.

Luca chases birds and squirrels and chipmunks and barks at
passing dogs, just like any respectable dog, so a fenced-in yard is
a must. An invisible fence may work with proper training.
Luca is very healthy.  She has good teeth and gums, a good heart
and good eyes and ears.  She has a thick, shiny, luxurious two-
layer coat and a long luxurious tail.  My vet thinks she will not get
bigger than 35 pounds.  Luca has a lame hind leg from her injury
as a puppy in Serbia when she was run over by a car and left to
die.  Good-hearted individuals mended Luca’s leg and saved Luca’s
life.  The lame leg does not bend but she uses it when walking.  
Her lame leg does not slow her down one iota – she runs and plays
in the yard, runs up and down the steps, goes for long walks and
jumps up on the bed on her own!
Little Lovin’ Luca will make some family very happy!  
Are YOU her lucky forever home????
Luca on transport to her furever home.
Luca saying goodbye to
her foster Mom.
Luca at her overnight B&B.
Luca meets her furever mom.
Luca settling in at home.