Lucy II on transport to her foster home!
Lucy II
A Better English Setter Rescue
Lucy II at In-Take.
Looking for a lively, fun-loving pup to join your active family??  Lucy
ll may be your girl!

Lucy II is an 18 month old setter/ pointer mix who came into rescue
in March of this year. She has been spayed and is current on all
vaccines. Lucy is an active, energetic little girl who loves to play! Her
favorite toy is a woven rope toy which she carries around with her

Lucy is a very affectionate girl, but being a puppy, she's not quite a
lap sitter or a cuddler. At this point in her young age, playing is her
goal in life!
Lucy loves to run, so a fenced yard is a must for her. She's also a
great hunter of critters, especially insects including butterflies,
moths, and bees! However, birds are her favorite and she will point
them, chase them, and jump to try to reach them! She watches the
sky for them!  Lucy likes cats we think, but is so playful we keep our
elderly cat separate from her as Lucy's prey drive is strong.  We
would not recommend she be in a home with any small furry pets due
to her high prey drive. Lucy gets along with the other dogs in our
home, and is friendly with the neighborhood dogs she has met.
This cute puppy is working on learning basic commands: She knows
“Lucy, come!”, and she has mastered sitting for a treat, but without a
bribe sitting is out of the question. Lucy knows “off”, and is learning
“out” for the times she steals our shoes and wants to make it a
game.  Lucy is learning how that being a counter surfer is not a sport
that people find charming.  We are teaching her “no bite” as she can
be a little mouthy when playing with us. Leash walking is getting
better every day, but she still tends to pull, and this silly pup can
wind herself up in the leash because she's so active and playful.
Lucy is most fond of her foster dad and loves to be where he is, but so
far she loves everyone she meets, and especially gravitates toward
children.  However, since her play is sometimes rough and little pups
have sharp nails that scratch, we feel it might be best to place her in a
home with older children.  

We've recently started to work on agility games with Lucy to channel
some of the high energy in this pup. Since she loves to run and play,
we think she'd make a great agility dog! If you have an active home
and you are looking for an active dog to keep up with you, Lucy may
just be your girl!!
This adorable girl is an English Setter (mom) German Shorthaired Pointer (dad) and is only nine
months old. She is an all-around fun, playful, energetic dog, and we are glad to have her! Welcome to
A Better English Setter Rescue lil Lucy II!!
Lucy awaits her FURever
home in 2018!