Lucy Lou
3-4 year old Lucy Lou is new to Rescue! Welcome!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Lucy Lou at the Shelter.
Lucy Lou in her temporary foster home!
What a happy girl :O)
Lucy Lou settles into her foster home!
Lucy Lou transports to her foster home!
Lucy Lou came from a breeder/hoarder, living in a
kennel situation with multiple dogs. She’s probably
about 4 years old and weighs about 36 pounds. Lucy
had never been in the house before and she never had a
person to be her very own, which is all she really wants.
Understandably she carried several issues with her
living that way for so long. She ate her food as fast as
she could, drank as much water as she could drink even
if it meant drinking the entire bowl. She’s not food
aggressive at all but she would, if allowed, help every
other dog in the house eat their food and also insists on
being the first in line for treats. Because of this, I feed
her in a separate location but her water must be
monitored. Following these rules and with the help of a
dog door she has been housebroken for more than a
month at my house. She needs more time in a foster
home to work through the drinking issues.
She gets nervous when strangers come in but has eased
up and just a shake of a water spray bottle will stop her
from barking at them.

I sometimes call her diva because when she wants
something she insists until she gets it. Hugs or a
training session work to divert her from the attention
she was seeking.

Because of this Lucy knows sit, down and will stay as
long as you keep giving her kibbles. She has a great
recall to her name or a whistle.
Upon arrival she got a little possessive of me, she’s
better now and I keep the following rule enforced… Lucy
is not allowed on the furniture and she's not allowed in
the bed. She’s always been wonderful (since day one) if
she is gated or if I close the door into the bedroom at
night and she sleeps on the dog bed all night long. For
never having been in a house it’s amazing that she’s
completely non-destructive. She is crated when no one’s
home in my case 3 or 4 hours at the most. When you first
come home she’s very nervous and full of zoomy energy
which I let her run out in the backyard and we do
training treat games and sometimes just a hug will help.
Because we’re still working to prevent her from getting
resource guarding issues she has her own special place
where she gets her hugs and her love.
She gets along great with all of the dogs she has met. It
took her awhile to learn that my dog, who’s 12, didn’t
want to play. On occasion she will still try and I have to
tell her no.

She’s really a great dog, I don’t think there’s anything
you couldn’t train her to do. She’s very birdie in the
backyard and her point is beautiful. She just wants to be
loved and it will just take time for her not to be nervous
around new situations. She is not high energy but has
much energy. Occasionally I just give her a timeout
which she graciously takes. **Side note from foster
home coordinator: Lucy is decent on a leash, but there is
room for improvement. Lucy’s foster mom needed a knee
replacement so she was not able to address this matter
I believe that she needs to go to a very dog-savvy adopter that can follow these rules. She has
come so far in such a short time. It breaks my heart, I love Lucy, and she is very loving and
friendly. She needs structure, limited access to water, and a fenced in yard. I’m just not the right
home for her at this point in time, due to my surgery.
Lucy Lou is now living large and loving life with her wonderful new
mom as a city mouse on the shores of the Potomac in Washington D.C.