New Arrival from Nashville, TN. Welcome Luke!
(Male, 8 weeks old)
A Better English Setter Rescue
Born: January 11, 2018.  His mommy was a pregnant stray,
brown and white English Setter, surrendered by a loving
family.  The momma had 7 puppies, 4 of them came to
ABESR (Luke, Leia, Chewy and Solo).

Two words to describe Luke: floppy and fluffy.  Luke has two
black eyes, and the rest of him is white.  He has a few small
black spots that are covered by his fluffy white fur.  He has
MUCH more fluff than a normal English Setter-- his hair is
very thick and sticks straight out from his body.  He assures
you that he is NOT fat, he is fluffy and beautiful!
Luke loves to find laps to sit in.  He will follow a human
around until they sit down, and then crawl into their lap.  If
that human stands up, he will find the next closest lap to sit
in.  He likes wrestling and giving puppy kisses to the bigger
dogs, and usually pays attention when they do not want his
kisses-- although sometimes when he's excited and
energetic, he forgets to listen to the big dogs and jumps on
them anyway.  Luke loves to play fetch.  His foster mommy
can throw two balls at once, and Luke and Leia will each
bring back one ball without fighting!  They also insist on
sharing food bowls.
Luke has laid back to normal puppy energy levels,
but will occasionally get spurts of puppy energy and
just wants to run for 10 minutes solid, then
immediately go to sleep.  He is currently learning
potty training.  He works best on a regulated
schedule because he does not tell his foster parents
when he needs to potty, although he does exhibit
tell-tale signs if you're watching him closely.  He
sleeps through the night, and has not had a single
poop accident indoors.
Luke is food motivated, and will sit for treats about
80% of the time.  He does well with a verbal "no"
command, and is growing out of his "bite everything
because I'm a puppy" phase.
Luke, Leia and foster
sibling Skadi
Luke, Leia and foster
sibling, Bear
Luke and Leia cuddle on
a lap for a nap!