Miles, a handsome 7 year old, joins A Better English Setter Rescue!
A Better English Setter Rescue
Miles at in-take.
Miles transports to his new foster home
Miles with his foster dad :O)
Miles is an affectionate, smart and athletic 7 year old boy that
was found as a stray in Gulf Coast Florida. Miles is neutered
and current on all vaccines. His behavior and color suggest
that he's mostly an Irish Red and White Setter. Miles is
housebroken, trusting and a very sweet boy.

We have found the key to Miles happiness is exercise. Miles
needs an active family that loves to hike or run or perhaps
someone that is willing to train him to hunt. Miles needs an
outlet to burn off his strong desire to run. If you can get him
into a regular exercise routine or train him to hunt, you will be
getting yourself an amazing companion! Miles is not afraid to
show his love towards his human people. He likes to be close
to you, sometimes even wrapping his body against you to get
as close as possible. Miles will moan when he gets ear rubs
and he makes extended eye contact with you – pulling your
heart into his heart.

Miles loves everyone that he meets. When he goes on walks he
gravitates towards the neighborhood kids. He is fine with little
hands on him. Miles has also been very friendly to every dog
he has met, large or small, although he has no interest to play
with them. Miles currently lives in a home with an older English
Setter and he is very respectful towards the other dog.

Miles has a high prey drive and wants to chase critters. He has
successfully chased all the chipmunks out of his foster dad’s
garden! We are unsure about cats at this time, but pretty sure
if off leash he would chase them.

When Miles arrived into rescue, he had just had 2 non-
cancerous tumors removed from his belly. Scarring from that
surgery is still currently healing. Poor Miles had his ups and
downs with all of that, but he is on his road to recovery now!!
Miles’ rib cage is prominent and he has a very small waist – he
is not underfed, he is just built that way. High metabolism
along with his desire to run, keep him trim.

Miles has escaped over a four foot tall fence so fencing for him
needs to be taller or maybe even an invisible fence. Miles really
needs some acreage to run and burn off his energy. If Miles
does not burn off his energy he is inclined to destructive
chewing, looking for ways to escape and crying.

If you are an active family looking to add a new family member
to your home, Miles just might be the perfect fit for you!!
Now a few words from Miles -

Miles is the perfect name for me because I run for miles! I can
leash-walk for a little while, but really - I just gotta run. Hard,
fast, and regularly. A large fenced yard is fine for a day, a dog
park is better, but a real run is what I need! I don’t really know
what it is about running that I love so much, but I just feel like
I need it and if I don’t get it, well, I tend to act out. Yes I will
cry, and jump and do whatever I can to get you to take me for a

I am skinny guy, but there's nothing wrong with me. My ribs
show no matter how much I eat. It's just my nature to be sleek,
lithe, aerodynamic and stunningly handsome.

I get along great with every person and dog I meet. Once when
a little dog bit me, I didn’t even react. Oh and I adore little kids
that put their hands all over me. And my family – I adore them!
My people get nudges, head-butts and wrap-around body hugs
on a regular basis – I feel they need to know how much I love

Can you please help me find my forever family?