A Better English Setter Rescue
Mina is a sweet, sweet 1 year old, female Setter mix that has the softest ears on the planet, the most
adorable white eye lashes and a crazy tail. Her owner states that she is a very lovable, smart dog, and a
definite cuddle bug however, her mom feels that she needs an owner that is home more.
Here are a few comments from her current home:

Mina really is a very sweet and lovable dog. She puts herself to bed
every night at about 10-10:30. I’m up much later, but she knows
when she’s done! Mina is wonderful in her crate. She can tell when
I’m getting ready for work, which is a different time every day, and
goes into her crate, all by herself. Smart girl! Mina loves to curl up
beside me on the couch or at night, in bed. She plays well with other
dogs – the bigger the better! She will play with any dog who comes
over to play. My guess is that she would be happiest in a home
where people are home most of the day. I have a fenced in yard, and
she spends a good amount of time outside exploring either with my
other dog of by herself. Mina is happiest when I’m home all day. She
alternates between being a shadow and wandering around outside.
If I’m home, she’ll follow me from room to room, and if I’m on the
couch, she’ll have her head on my lap. Mina will gently paw me, if
she needs attention. She knows sit, shake and lie down and also
come, when in the back yard. I have a dog door, and it took no time
for her to learn how to use it. (I also have a fenced in yard.) She
settles down quickly when people come over to visit. Mina does get
along with my other dog just fine during the day, however at night,
she gets possessive.

I think she’d be happiest with an active family, with or without
another young dog.
So lets recap – Mina is a sweet, lovable and smart girl that
gets along with other dogs, however, she has an issue in the
evening when she gets a bit grumpy and tired. Mina is a
young girl and she is very trainable. She is not a bad girl,
she just needs someone that is home more and can work
with her. As I like to tell people, she needs someone with a
firm heart and a loving hand.