A Better English Setter Rescue
Mina is a sweet, sweet 1 year old, female Setter mix that has
the softest ears on the planet and a crazy tail. Her owner
states that she is a very lovable and smart dog, however, she
is just not fitting into her present home. It seems that this
little cutie has gotten too big for her britches.

Mina is going to need an adopter that is not afraid to take the
alpha role in the relationship. This girl needs to be given clear
directives and her boundaries should be well defined. As I like
to tell people, she needs someone with a firm heart and a
loving hand.
Here are a few comments from her current home:

Mina really is a very sweet and lovable dog. She puts herself
to bed every night at about 10-10:30. I’m up much later, but
she knows when she’s done! Mina is wonderful in her crate,
and has stayed in there up to 7 hours, when I got stuck at
work. She can tell when I’m getting ready for work, which is a
different time every day, and goes into her crate, all by
herself. Smart girl! Mina loves to curl up beside me on the
couch or at night, in bed. She plays well with other dogs – the
bigger the better! She will play with any dog who comes over
to play. Mina loves my sister’s Old English Sheepdog. My
guess is that she would be happiest in a home where people
are around most of the day.
I have a fenced in yard, and she spends a good amount of time
outside exploring either with my other dog of by herself. Mina
is happiest when I’m home all day. She alternates between
being a shadow and wandering around outside. I have a dog
door, and it took no time for her to learn how to use it. (I also
have a fenced in yard.) She settles down quickly when people
come over to visit.
Unfortunately, sometimes with the positive, comes some
negative. On occasion, Mina growls at my other dog, if she
wants to get up on the couch or on the bed with us. Sometimes
she'll even growl at me, if I pet her, when she's not expecting
So lets recap – Mina is a sweet, lovable and smart girl that gets along with other dogs, however, she has
an issue with the current dog when “things of value”, to Mina, are involved. Cuddle time with mom on
couch/bed. My advice to anyone interested in adopting Mina is as follows. Set your rules the minute her
paws step in your house. Be consistent and keep your directives short and to the point. No couch cuddling
or bed sleeping until she has earned it by proving to you that she can listen and follow your directives.
Mina is a young girl and she is very trainable. She is not a bad girl, she just needs someone that can guide
and re direct her negative behaviors in a more positive direction. I am more than willing to discuss Mina
with any serious applicants, so if you are interested in helping this little girl, please fill out an application.