Noel now Sadie
A Better English Setter Rescue
Noel found herself in a shelter in NW Georgia. She was brought in
as a stray with another dog that could have been her brother. They
appear to be English Setter mixed with Great Pyrenees. Noel and
Frosty were at high risk of being euthanized in this overcrowded
shelter but were pulled to safety by A Better English Setter Rescue.

A few days in a holding pattern and a trip to the vet for a spay
surgery, then transport began to NE Tennessee. Noel is now safe
in a home! Despite the time she lived on her own and even though
she was hungry, Noel settled into living in a home in no time.
Noel Shelter shot.
Noel is and English Setter/Pyrenees mix. She is 2-4 years old and weighed 55lbs at Intake
Frosty and his sister Noel are safe in rescue they were set to be euthanatized.

This from Noel's foster mom. Noel is just about perfect based on what I've seen in less than a day.  
She uses the doggie door and has run of the house, she is gentle and respectful and loves
to play in the yard with my dog Charlie.
Noel at her foster home. First things first a bite to eat
and a drink of water, please.
She had two "accidents" on the back porch but NOT in the
house. She learned how to use the doggie door in less than
2 days! A trip to the vet for an over-all checkup and to
inspect her spay incision revealed that she is about 15 lbs.
underweight, but also a calm girl that everyone loved!

Noel loves everyone: other dogs (even my girl that tends to
be bossy), my kitten, my elderly cat (she is very gentle with
this cat), my Charlie, small dogs, men, women, kids. She is
very gentle taking treats from your hand and no food
aggression, but she is highly food motivated.  Noel rides
well in the car and she is now playing with toys! This sweet
girl holds no grudge regarding her past. She loves everyone
and embraces her new life.
My bossy girl went after her the other day, biting her in the
face. Noel just stood there with this hurt expression on her
face because she did not understand what she had done
wrong. But Noel did NOT growl, snap or act as if she was
going to fight back. She just calmly backed away.

Noel's fur on her torso is quite thick but is now starting to
soften a little. That being said, if it is too hot, she tends to
pant like she is overheated. I don’t think she would do well in
a deep Southern state because of the thickness of her fur. I
think the heat would be an issue for her.
Noel wants to be with you but does not get anxious or
destructive if you are not in her sight. She will go in her crate to
sleep or get some "me time" but at my house she has the run of
the house. She sleeps on the floor at the foot of the bed or on a
sofa I have at the end of the bed. However, she does not try to
get on the furniture in other parts of the house.
Noel really is a perfect dog. The vet thinks she is about 4 years
old. Having mastered the doggie door, I am willing to send an
identical doggie door to the one she uses at my house, with her
to her adoptive home if it is something they would like to have.
Any family would be blessed to have this girl.
Noel now Sadie on her way HOME!!
Sadie with her new family mom dad and fur brother Yzer,
who is looking forward to having a playmate to call his own!