A Better English Setter Rescue
Libby is an approximately one year old female English Setter mix.
She came to us housebroken and well socialized with people, so at some
point she had someone who cared for her. Libby is good with both the
elderly and young kids. However, she does like to jump (a behavior that
we are addressing) so until she gets her jumping under control, it might
be best if she is in a home with no small children.

Libby is your typical adolescent and is described by her foster mom as a
combination of sweet, smart and sass. It is that sass that still needs to
be monitored closely. Just because she has hit that one year mark does
not make her free and clear of puppy mischief. Any dog, regardless of
age, is capable of mischief if not monitored and trained properly. Libby is
very trainable and I am sure that once she has the proper guidance and
knows her boundaries, she will blossom into adulthood very nicely.
Libby is crate trained, but only spends a few hours at a time in
her crate. She also goes to doggie day care and she does well
there playing with the other dogs. She especially likes the little
dogs and is very gentle with them. Please let us stress that this
girl LOVES to play. She is a big eater and tends to be a food
guarder, probably a result of being emaciated at the time she
was rescued. The dogs in her foster home are fed in separate
places in the house. She is being taught to sit for treats and
respect the one-at-a-time rule.

Libby is really a great dog that just needs some training and
guidance in her “teenage” years. She loves to be kissed and
cuddled. Obedience classes would be a great way to train and
bond with your new girl - she is certainly up for the challenge!
Without a doubt, once she matures, she will be a wonderful
addition to any family.
If you are looking for a young female dog
to add to your family, please consider
Libby on transport  and arriving at her foster home.
Libby and Morgan are siblings, but they
do not need to be adopted together.
Libby/Payln is in a Foster-to-Adopt home.
Libby/Payln is in a Foster-to-Adopt home.
Libby/Payln is in a Foster-to-Adopt home.