Ralph (Raphael)
Ralph:  He's such a character... He DOES try to be alpha.  He's a little bit more aggressive than
the rest, he's usually the one instigating play fights, or escalating the fight.  He gets a little
aggressive during dinner, and will try to trade bowls with his brothers, then growl at them if
they don't want to share.  We're working VERY hard to stop that behavior.  He also eats his
brother's poo.  He's a bit of a daredevil; he doesn't mind jumping off heights (to my absolute
panic) or exploring new spots in the yard. When sleepy, he follows me around and sits down
tiredly each time I stop walking.  He waits for me to sit down, then he crawls into my lap and
goes to sleep.  Ralph has brown/caramel colored fur like Mikey, with all-brown paws.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Charlotte's four (9-week-old) English
Setter-mix pups are new to Better Setter!
Momma Charlotte!
PUPDATE:  We have seen a dramatic change in Ralph's behavior.  We think his initial aggression was
simply because he was adjusting to a new house.  In less than a week, Ralph has become the
cuddliest of the 4 puppies.  He has given up trying to be alpha, considering Leo outweighs him by at
least 5 lbs.  Raph is the slowest eater, but no longer displays any excessive aggressive behavior
during mealtimes.  If anyone sits on the floor, Ralph's only goal in life is to be in your lap.  If you are
standing, he may follow you around until you sit, and then crawl into your lap.  Ralph recently
discovered tennis balls and will fetch 100% of the time until the humans get tired.  The only thing
that deters him from a rolling ball is if he gets tackled by a brother... and then he still goes after the
ball.  He occasionally gets stuck on the back deck and forgets how to go down the stairs,
then barks and whines at his foster mommy to come rescue him.

Ralph, like his brothers, is teething and will chew on everything.  He is working on potty training; he
prefers going outside, but still has accidents indoors without telling his foster mommy.