A Better English Setter Rescue
Raymond at in-take.
Raymond settles into his
foster home.
My name is Raymond or “Ray Ray” for short.  The vet said I am
around 2 years old. I am not exactly sure what kind of dog I am but
I sure am cute!  I love playing with my foster brothers, going on
walks, and my foster parents!  It took me some time to get adjusted
to my new life because I came from a neglectful and abusive home.  
I will admit I had trust issues at first but I'm told that now I'm a
completely different dog!
My foster family was patient with me and showed me how to be a
real dog in a loving home! Now I am playful and energetic but also I
know when it is time to settle down.  I have an indoor crate that I
sleep in when my foster parents are away but I am allowed to sleep
outside of my crate at night. I sleep 8 hours at night and can hold
my bladder just fine. My foster parents let me outside first thing
when they wake up.  I know to go to the bathroom outside and I
have become a healthy eater! I love my dry food and treats. I will do
just about anything for one of those! I like lounging around on the
couch with you while you watch tv or read a book and on my bed
while I look out the window.
I still get a little nervous sometimes, especially if I am around people
I do not know or am in a new place, but if you talk to me and
reassure me everything is okay I will trust you.  Cars also scare me
when I go on walks but I do love to ride in them!  I believe I would
do best in a loving home with a brother or sister dog to play with and
who can “show me the ropes.”  I would prefer a backyard I can run
around and play in that has a fence so I am protected from those
scary cars.

I am a good guard dog and I will let you know if someone is in the
house who does not need to be there.  I will do what I can to protect
the people who love me.  If you are patient with me and show me
you love me, I will love you unconditionally!  My foster family
showed me how to love again and I hope you will continue to do the
same if I am lucky enough to join your family!

I have had all my vetting, heartworm prevention, microchip placed,
and I am neutered. I am a great size at 44 pounds. Will you consider