Roscoe at Intake
A Better English Setter Rescue
Roscoe is a 2 year old English setter.
Roscoe came from a life outside at a hunting club, he isn't a hunter. He is ready to trade the that life in for a
nice warm bed and tons of love and affection. He left traveling light, with just his papers, a collar and a leash.
Along the road one of his transporter gifted him a couple of blankets and he received lots of love and hugs.
While Roscoe may be a little unsure at the moment by all reports he is an awesome, loving dog.
Roscoe freedom ride from shelter
Roscoe on transport to his foster home
with stops at two overnight B&B's.
Roscoe got a much needed bath at his first B&B, before hanging out with the resident babies.
Roscoe with resident Setter Seeley, ABESR alumni  2017.
B&B number two, eat then rest and relax.
Roscoe’s first morning at his foster home.
Day 2 lets play!!
Roscoe on his cross country journey, with his transport angels
and his blankie, to begin his happy new life.
Roscoe the Overnight Delight
Day 2 he's on his way home.