A Better English Setter Rescue
Back in January Rose was found as a stray.
We are thrilled to welcome her to our Rescue family.
Rose is a lovely female English Setter, approximately 4-5 years old.
She is kind and gentle, and gets along with every dog in her foster home.
She enjoys snuggling on the couch but also likes the great outdoors.
She will happily spend the afternoon hunting for lions and dragons
(well, ok, kitties and lizards) in the back yard. She has a strong prey
drive and is able to climb 4-ft high fences, so she needs a securely
fenced area with at least 5-ft fencing to enjoy her sunny days.
She is fairly low-energy but is not a couch potato - she still needs to burn
off some "setter crazy" every day. Because of her high drive, she
probably won't ever be a good candidate for off-leash activities.
Rose can sometimes be a little skittish of sudden, loud noises but is not
shy or skittish around people. She loves people and is usually the first to
greet strangers when they come into her home. She is quiet when
indoors, is housetrained, and does not chew inappropriate items.
Overall, Rose is a pleasure to have around and will make somebody the
perfect companion!