Rose and Puppies
Back in January Rose was found as a stray. Rose was pregnant. She
was very fortunate to find her way to a foster mom named Trish.
Trish has a lot of experience with pregnant moms and puppies and
we are thrilled to welcome her to our Rescue family.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Watch for more coming soon.  
Rose started giving birth at 2:00 am Saturday, January 20th!!!
Rose had a rough start, but with Trish at her side,
Rose was able to deliver 8 sweet babies.
Just born.
9 days old.
First day.
First day.
Now Accepting Applications for April 2018 Adoptions.
Aston (green collar)
Beemer (red collar)
Chevy (dark blue collar)
Bentley (yellow collar)
Jag (aqua collar)
Cooper (purple collar)
Tesla (pink collar)
Jeep (black collar)
7 boys!! Tesla is the only girl!!
Aston’s sleepy puppy pix. He has the cutest little patch, too!
Beemer is the biggest boy.
Bentley is the smallest and the sweetest.
Chevy is pretty chill and the second-largest puppy.
Cooper is a tri-color, the littlest at birth,
and now is a strapping little guy!
Jag is another sweetie pie.
He's already a little bit of a flirt with the camera.
Jeep is a middle-of-the-pack guy and his ticking is just coming in.
He looks a lot like his mum.
Tesla is a PISTOL! A typical little sister with 7 big brothers.