A Better English Setter Rescue
Roxy at her temporary foster home.
A wonderful rescuer took her in and she was finally able to
stretch her legs, play outside and go on long walks.
Roxy arrived at her foster home and took
an instant liking to her new foster mom.
Roxy travelling to her foster home and hanging
with her transport buddy Lucky.
Hi my name is Roxy.  I just turned a year old on August 10th.  
I am a white and orange English Setter and I weigh about 40
pounds. I had a rough start in life, but now I am finally able
to gain weight and muscle.   I recently landed at a foster
home with 2 brothers and 1 sister.  My brothers are older,
and they don’t care to play with me.  My sister is a few years
older and we play all day.  I love playing keep away and
chase when we are outside.  When we are inside we wrestle
and play tug of war.
I am very energetic and need a lot of space to run.  I would
love a home with a big fenced in area, so I could run around.  
I think I would be unhappy in an apartment.  I am looking for
an outdoorsy family that likes to spend time in their
backyard, so I can run! Nothing makes me happier then
running!   When I don’t get to run, I must admit, I tend to get
to get bored and I chew on things. Hey I am a puppy and I
still need people to watch over me and teach me good
acceptable behavior. I would love to have a family with a
brother or sister I could play with.
Once I am tired there is nothing I love more than cuddling
with my human family. I love sitting on the couch at night
next to them. I’ve been learning to sit and stay for my dinner.  
Sometimes it takes a few tries, but eventually I stay until my
food is ready.  I have learned to go to my crate when it is bed
time, or my family is going out.  I don’t mind my crate, but I
prefer the big bed.  I am house trained, and I give a little roo
roo when I need to go out.  If you have big yard and a big
heart, please think about adopting me.  
I know I will make a great addition to your family.