Welcome Chicken-Chaser Riley! This sweet 6 month old
pup is new to Rescue and we are glad to have her!
Here she is at in-take and on transport.
A Better English Setter Rescue
Rylie is a female, English Setter Mix pup, who is approximately 7
months old, spayed and current on vaccines. I know she doesn’t
look like a setter, but it has been confirmed that her mom was a
purebred English Setter. Rylie is a spunky little girl that is full of
typical puppy energy, but also a super sweet little girl that loves
to be loved on and will settle for a nap on your lap. She is not the
type of dog that is in your face; however, if she wants your
attention she will push at your hand, arm or whatever her little
nose can reach.  Everyone that meets Rylie comments on what a
sweet, loving little girl she is.
Rylie needs to expend her high puppy energy on a daily basis. She
either needs to run in a fenced back yard or be trained to jog
alongside of you. I really don’t feel that a walk 2-3 times a day
will work for this girl. She also needs her brain stimulated – she is
super-fast and very agile so agility or fly ball might be something
that piques her interest. Rylie can be a head strong little girl so
she will need an adopter that is not afraid to be the alpha in the
house. She does not like to be told NO. Rylie wants to please her
people and when she is given a directive and she complies, you
can see how proud she becomes when she is praised. She gives
me a look as if to say – OK I got that, what’s next on our agenda?  
If an adopter does not set the rules and guidelines for Rylie, I
could see Rylie running the house very quickly.
Rylie currently lives in her foster home with 5 other dogs and she
was in a temp foster home with a cat and another dog. She was
good with the cat and dogs in both homes. Now with that being
said, whereas Rylie is not an in your face dog with people, she is
very much that way with other dogs. She just loves everyone, even
other dogs, and she feels they should love her back. She is not
aggressive in her approach, but she is socially awkward and does
not catch the cues that other dogs are giving her. When any of my
crew finally had enough and gave her a warning snap, she NEVER
responded back with aggression, but she does back up and just
stare at them in disbelief that someone wouldn’t want to spend
time with her. I think Rylie would be happiest in a home with
another dog to play with BUT if your current dog is submissive,
don’t let Rylie push it around OR if your dog is an alpha, be
prepared for some social awkwardness at the beginning as the
pecking order gets established.
Rylie is house trained and will let you know when she needs to go
out by barking or nudging you. She is also crate trained and is
crated whenever I leave the house and at bedtime. We are working
on being respectful of other people’s belongings – this is taking
some time. She likes shoes, but only my shoes. She also likes to be
helpful by assisting with household duties such as loading or
unloading the dishwasher (has been known to steal utensils) or
sorting laundry (has been known to run off with clothes).  Rylie is
not what I consider to be a Velcro dog, but she does like to be in the
midst of “things” - I guess she is more of a nosey dog!
Rylie also enjoys riding in the car – so I could see her going to soccer
games, baseball games or any other outdoor activity to watch and
cheer on her new family members. If you have room in your home
and heart for this sweet girl, please fill out an application to adopt at
Rylie travels HOME!