A Better English Setter Rescue
Seeley transports to her foster home!
Seeley spends a transport night at a Bed n Breakfast
and then is back on the road!
Seeley arrives at her foster home!
Seeley's puppies were born
Pregnant, 4 year old Seeley joins A Better English Setter Rescue!
Seeley's belly gets bigger and bigger!
When will the pups arrive?!?!?!
Checks can be mailed to:
Candy Bordonaro,
423 Sidelinger Road,
Union, ME  04862
Momma Seeley had her puppies!!

Everyone is doing great so far. 9 puppies  total -- 3 girls  
and  6 boys -- stay tuned for more pupdates! Thank you
to everyone for your donations! We have a lot of puppies
and vet bills still to come … if you are able to help, we
would appreciate any donation.
Thank you!

Click here for sweet puppy pictures.
Thank You!