A Better English Setter Rescue
Watch for more on Seeley
coming soon.  
Seeley at in-take.
Seeley transports to her foster home!
Seeley spends a transport night at a Bed n Breakfast
and then is back on the road!
Seeley arrives at her foster home!
This skinny girl was going to be sent
to the shelter but is now in foster care.  
She is due to have her puppies sometime between
August 20 - September 9th.

If you are able to donate toward her medical bills,
click the link below.

If you would like to guess the date and time Seeley gives
birth to her first puppy, include that in the comment section
of your paypal donation.

We will contact one person per
puppy who is closest to the
date and time, and give them the
chance to name that puppy.

Check back for sweet puppy pictures. Thank You!
Pregnant Mama Seeley
Pregnant, 4 year old Seeley joins A Better English Setter Rescue!
Seeley's belly gets bigger and bigger!
When will the pups arrive?!?!?!